Jumping Mats

A new jumping mat can be a more costly solution compared to having your old mat repaired. You can choose to repair your mat if there are some small holes or cuts in it, or its stitching around the outside has started to let go. Repairing a mat is an economical solution. A repaired mat will continue to last for several years to come.

jumping mat shape

If repairing can not recover your mat, contact us. We provide custom manufactured mat which has the exact size but far more quality than your old one. Contact us now and provide us with required information below, we will get back to you right away with the accurate price.


Information needed:

  • shape of the trampoline (round, 8 sided, 12 sided, square or rectangular)
  • exact measurements from the very tip of the v-ring to the opposite side of the mat to the very tips of that v-ring.
  • the number of eyelets or v-rings on the sides and on the end if your mat is square of rectangular
  • the number of v-rings if the mat is round, 8 sided or 12 sided.
  • In most cases, our replacement jumping mats last for over 20 years!


Mat Size Spring Count Internet Price
12′ round 80-104 springs $345.00
13′ twelve sided 96 springs $395.00
13′-14′ eight sided 80-104 springs $425.00
14′ round 80-120 springs $395.00
14′ twelve sided 120 springs $425.00
16′ round 120-144 springs $455.00
16′ twelve sided 120-144 springs $455.00

* Some shipping charges may apply.

For other shapes and sizes please contact us with your measurements.