Safety Pads

Trampoline Safety Pads

Trampoline Safety Pads

Trampoline World provides high quality replacement parts which are made by two separate companies who own more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing replacement parts.

Our replacement pads in most cases can last even longer than original safety pads which can last 2 to 10 years in normal conditions. The padding is made from solid ethafoam which is used to make quality gymnastic mats only.

The replacement pads are well designed. They fasten onto the frame and onto the springs so that they will not move around in the wind or when there is someone playing in the trampoline.

Trampoline World provides custom manufactured replacement parts. We need to get accurate measurements in order to manufacture a pad which perfectly fit your trampoline.

The information we need is as followed:

  • trampoline shape (round, 8 sided, 12 sided, square or rectangular)
  • width of the safety pads
  • width of the jumping mat from one outside edge to the other outside edge of the frame.
  • total length of the springs
  • the way the springs are fastened to the frame

Safety pads come into a variety of types and prices on the market these days. Not all of them are good. Many of them are light and made from low quality materials. Satety pads play a very crucial role in protecting you and your family members from injuries while jumping, so make sure you select the best quality and most durable pads available out there. Quality safety pads will stay in place and allow people to walk on without sinking into the springs. Never jump on a trampoline which does not have a safety pad!

Since our pads products are custom manufactured, please contact us first with your measurements. We will get back to you right away with price and availability. Our replacement pads often last 15 years or longer under normal conditions.

Size Internet Price
  12′ round Good $275.00
13′ round Good $275.00
14′ round Good $300.00
14′ round Best $400.00
14 1/2′ twelve sided Best $445.00
16′ round Best  $455.00
16′ twelve sided Best $545.00

* Some shipping charges may apply.